What is my verification code for twitter

what is my verification code for twitter

Attempt to log on to Twitter with your Handle & Password. If a phone number is requested, send a verification code to the number attached. What this means is that you've tied a phone number to your account and received the code they send you in order to let them know you do, in fact. How to get Twitter verification code without your phone 7 hours ago The Twitter Verification Twitter is forcing me to add my phone number how can I.

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Backup codes on twitter for two factor authentication. 2FA Twitter app backup codes In that case you could get an online phone number from FelixMerchant store. For example, if your mobile is offline or on flight mode, you might have recently changed your mobile number, etc. Verified accounts are identifiable by a small blue checkmark next to the user's name. If a website or what is my verification code for twitter app asks you for a phone number verification, then you need to use the one which this app has generated. If your Twitter name isn't your real name or your public persona's name, if you're a performer or actortype your real name into this text box.
what is my verification code for twitter

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